Preptoz is an easy to use online self assessment platform that helps you prepare for various Competitive Exams in an effective manner.

What we Offer?

  Provide thousands of questions and comprehensive explanations from teachers and experts to ensure your learning experience is the best it can be.
  Help you to analyses your performance using A.I. to do focused revision and achieve exam success as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  Provide Study materials (videos, eBooks & articles) and Techniques to improve knowledge retention and recall.

We constantly review our questions, update them or purge them depending on the feedback we receive which we take seriously. Our customers appreciate this and through word of mouth and positive opinion we have grown from strength to strength.

Who are We?

Preptoz was started by a group of engineering graduates with deep business and technology experience. Preptoz is an effort to provide a platform for "living learners".

We have a qualified team of professionals in their field who have took the exams and know how to get a high passing marks, who have helped us create the best preparation resources for you.

Here are we, proud learners would like to partner with you to co-create the educational learning transformational solution Preptoz. Preptoz's analytics, information and communication technologically enabled platform and flexibility will create value and fortune for you at the foundation of evolution.

Lets us collaborate to deliver value through unique experiences. To contact us please email: