CTET / TETs – NCF 2005 Revision Quiz

Normally in every CTET/TET exam we get around 4 to 6 questions from National Curriculum Framework 2005. After reading NCF 2005, you can attempt below questions to test your understanding.

Question #1: NCF 2005 emphasizes that

Question #2: According to NCF 2005, the role of a teacher has to be:

Question #3: As per the National Curriculum Framework (NCF), 205 multi-linguatism in learning a language should be seen as a

Question #4: As per the NCF. 2005, which one among the following is the theme of EVS?

Question #5: According to NCF 2005, errors are important because they

Question #6: ‘Tall shape of Mathematics’ mentioned in NCF, 2005 refers to

Question #7: NCF 2005 has not recommended any prescribed curriculum and text-books for EVS for classes I and II. The most appropriate reason for this.

Question #8: As per the NCF 2005, the narrow aim of teaching mathematics at school is

Question #9: The NCF (2005) considers that Mathematics involves ‘a certain way of thinking and reasoning. The vision can be realized by

Question #10: Which of the following is not an objective of teaching mathematics at primary level according to NCF 2005?