Preptoz launched an online practice platform

The Preptoz team is proud to announce the launch of our new online practice platform for Competitive Exams.

Initially we have launched Multiple Choice Questions database for Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET) along with state Teacher Eligibility Tests. Our question bank includes questions from previous CTET / State TETs and questions curated by our experts. The platform is the first of its kind and includes content on Child Development and Pedagogy, Environmental studies, Mathematics and Science, Social Science, Hindi and English. Read More

Child Development and Pedagogy – LEARNING DISABILITIES


Learning Disabilities is a neurological condition which manifests as the “inability” to listen, speak, read, spell, write and do mathematical calculations.

Learning disabilities can occur in any or all of six areas (listening, speaking, reading, writing, mathematics, and reasoning) indicates that individuals with LD are a diverse group and have a variety of abilities and difficulties. Even people whose learning disabilities are in the same area may exhibit very different behaviours.

LD can occur across the life span (not limited to children). The problems faced by a learning disabled may remain throughout life if remediation is not done. Read More

How You Handle Tough Interview Questions

The most imperative part of any interview is the answers to the questions posed. In order to prepare well one should be aware of the questions being asked. The questions can be industry/vertical specific pertaining to the profession the candidature is currently in. However given below are certain generic questions to facilitate some planning with respect to the overall preparedness!

The overall objective of interview is, come out with flying colors and this can be achieved with having a level of assertiveness into the answers, demonstration of true professionalism with appropriate enthusiasm and have a game plan for what you want to convey.

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