Child Development and Pedagogy – LEARNING DISABILITIES


Learning Disabilities is a neurological condition which manifests as the “inability” to listen, speak, read, spell, write and do mathematical calculations.

Learning disabilities can occur in any or all of six areas (listening, speaking, reading, writing, mathematics, and reasoning) indicates that individuals with LD are a diverse group and have a variety of abilities and difficulties. Even people whose learning disabilities are in the same area may exhibit very different behaviours.

LD can occur across the life span (not limited to children). The problems faced by a learning disabled may remain throughout life if remediation is not done.



Almost every CTET question paper has questions on Learning Disabilities.

Previous Year Questions:

Question #1 Leaning disabilities in Mathematics can be assessed most appropriately by which of the following tests?

[Child Development and Pedagogy] [CTET-2014-09]
  • Aptitude test
  • Diagnostic test correct answer
  • Screening test
  • Achievement test
Question #2 Learning disabilities may occur due to all of the following except

[Child Development and Pedagogy] [CTET-2013-07]
  • cultural factors correct answer
  • cerebral dysfunction
  • emotional disturbance
  • behaviour disturbance
Question #3 Which of the following is the most appropriate method to monitor the progress of children with learning disabilities?

[Child Development and Pedagogy] [CTET-2014-09]
  • Case-study
  • Anecdotal records
  • Behaviour-rating scale
  • Structured behavioural observation correct answer
Question #4 Learning disabilities are

[Child Development and Pedagogy] [CTET-2014-02]
  • objective facts and culture has no role in determining them
  • synonymous with dyslexia
  • also present in children with average or above average IQ correct answer
  • not immutable irrespective of time and nature of interventions
Question #5 Learning disabilities may occur due to all of the following ecepet

[Child Development and Pedagogy] [CTET-2013-07]
  • Teachers way of teaching correct answer
  • Prenatal use of alcohol
  • Mental Retardation
  • Meningitis during infancy
Question #6 Centrally sponsored scheme of Integrated Education for disabled children aims at providing educational opportunities to children with disabilities in

[Child Development and Pedagogy] [CTET-2011-06]
  • regular schools correct answer
  • special schools
  • open schools
  • Blind Relief Association schools
Question #7 Children with learning disabilities:

[Child Development and Pedagogy] [CTET-2015-09]
  • have confusion between letters and alphabets that look alike correct answer
  • easily recognize and comprehend sigh words
  • have retarded mental development
  • have low IQ