What are Phrasal Verbs?

A phrasal verb is a combination of words (a verb + a preposition or verb +adverb) that when used together, usually take on a different meaning to that of the original verb.

Phrasal VerbMeaning
Act onTo take action because of something like
information received.
Act outPerform something with actions and gestures..
Act upBehave badly or strangely.
Add onInclude in a calculation.
Add upTo make a mathematical total.
Agree withAffect- usually used in the negative to show
that something has had a negative effect,
especially is it makes you feel bad.
Aim atTo target.
Allow forInclude something in a plan or calculation.
Allow ofMake possible, permit.
Angle forTry to get something indirectly, by hinting or
Answer backTo reply rudely to someone in authority.
Argue downBeat someone in a debate, discussion or argument.
Argue downPersuade someone to drop the price of something
they’re selling.
Argue outArgue about a problem to find a solution.
Ask aboutAsk how someone is doing, especially
professionally and in terms of health.
Ask afterEnquire about someone’s health, how life is going.
Ask aroundAsk a number of people for information of help.
Ask inTo invite somebody into your house.
Ask outTo invite someone for a date.
Ask overInvite.
Ask roundInvite someone.
Auction offSell something in an auction.
Back awayRetreat or go backwards.
Back downRetract or withdraw your position or proposal in
an argument.
Back intoEnter a parking area in reverse gear.
Back offRetreat.
Back outFail to keep an arrangement or promise.
Back out ofFail to keep an agreement, arrangement.
Back upMake a copy of computer data.
Bag outCriticise.
Ball upConfuse or make things complicated.
Bargain downPersuade someone to drop the price of something
they’re selling.
Bash aboutMistreat physically.
Bash inBreak, damage or injure by hitting.
Bash outWrite something quickly without much preparation.
Be afterTry to find or get.
Be alongArrive.
Be awayBe elsewhere; on holiday, etc..
Be cut out forBe suitable, have the necessary qualities.
Be cut upBe upset.
Be downBe depressed.
Be fed upBe bored, upset or sick of something.
Be taken withLike something.
Be upBe out of bed.
Bear down onMove towards.
Bear onInfluence, affect.
Bear outConfirm that something is correct.
Bear upResist pressure.
Bear up underCope with something difficult or stressful.
Bear withBe patient.
Beat downStrong sunshine.
Beat outNarrowly win in competition.
Beat upAttack violently.
Belong withBe in the correct or appropriate location with
other items.
Bend downLower the top half of your body.
Big upExaggerate the importance.
Bitch upSpoil or ruin something.
Black outFall unconscious.
Blast offLeave the ground- spaceship or rocket.
Block inPark a car and obstruct another car.
Block offObstruct an exit to prevent people from leaving.
Blow awayImpress greatly.
Blow downWhen the wind forces something to fall.
Blow inArrive, sometimes suddenly or unexpectedly.
Blow offNot keep an appointment.
Blow upExplode.
Boil upFeel a negative emotion strongly.
Bone up onStudy hard for a goal or reason.
Book inCheck in at a hotel.
Call upTelephone.
Calm downStop being angry or emotionally excited.
Cancel outHave an opposite effect on something that has
happened, taking things back to the beginning.
Cap offFinish or complete, often with some decisive action.
Care forLike.
Carried awayGet so emotional that you lose control.
Carry forwardMake something progress.
Carry offWin, succeed.
Carry onContinue.
Creamed off To cream off part of a group of people means to
take them away and treat them in a special way,
because they are better than the others
Decide uponChoose, select.
Die awayBecome quieter or inaudible (of a sound).
Die backWhen the parts of a plant above ground die, but
the roots remain alive.
Die downDecrease or become quieter.
Die forWant something a lot.
Die offBecome extinct.
Die outBecome extinct or disappear.
Dig inStart eating greedily.
Dig intoReach inside to get something.
Fawn overPraise someone in an excessive way to get their
favour or something from them.
Feed offEat a food as part of an animals diet.
Feed onGive someone a particular food.
Feed upGive someone a lot of food to restore their health,
make them bigger, etc.
Feel upTouch sexually, grope.
Feel up toFeel capable of doing something.
Get aheadProgress.
Get ahead ofMove in front of.
Get alongLeave.
Give upStop doing something that has been a habit.
Hit onHave an idea.
Hold offStop someone from attacking or beating you.
Hold onWait.
Hook upMeet someone.
Hunt outSearch until you find something.
Jack upIncrease sharply.
Jam onApply or operate something forcefully.
Jaw awayTalk just for the point of talking rather than having
anything to say.
Jazz upMake something more interesting or attractive.
Keep aroundKeep something near you.
Keep atContinue with something difficult.
Keep awayDon’t allow someone near something.
Keep backMaintain a safe distance.
Key toPlan things to fit or suit people or situations.
Key upMake someone excited or nervous.
Kick aboutDiscuss.
Kick inWhen a drug starts to take effect.
Kick outExpel.
Knock offFinish work for the day.
Lash downSecure something with ropes or cords.
Lash intoCriticise someone strongly.
Lash outSuddenly become violent.
Lay onOrganise, supply.
Lay outSpend money.
Let inAllow someone to enter.
Let offNot punish.
Line upArrange events for someone.
Link upConnect, join.
Live byFollow a belief system to guide your behaviour.
Live downStop being embarrassed about something.
Live withAccept something unpleasant.
Log inEnter a restricted area on a computer system.
Log intoEnter a restricted area of a computer system.
Log offExit a computer system.
Log onEnter a computer system.
Log outExit a computer system.
Look upConsult a reference work (dictionary, phonebook,
etc.) for a specific piece of information..
Magic awayMake something disappear quickly.
Make afterChase.
Make away withSteal.
Make itArrive or get a result.
Make it up toTry to compensate for doing something wrong.
Make ofUnderstand or have an opinion.
Make offLeave somewhere in a hurry.
Mash upMix sources of audio, video or other computer sources.
Melt downHeat something solid, especially metal, until it
becomes liquid.
Mess aboutNot be serious, not use something properly.
Mix upConfuse.
Move intoStart living in a place.
Move upMove to make space.
Nail downSucceed in getting, achieve.
Name afterGive someone a name to remember another person.
Narrow downRemove less important options to make it easier to choose.
Nerd outPlay safe and avoid taking a risk.
Opt forChoose.
Opt inChoose to be part or a member of something.
Opt intoChoose to be a member or part of something.
Opt outChoose not to be part of something.
Pack inStop doing something.
Pack offSend someone away.
Pack outFill a venue.
Pack upStop doing something.
Pad downSleep somewhere for the night.
Pad outMake a text longer by including extra content,
often content that isn’t particularly relevant.
Pal aroundBe friendly and spend time with someone.
Pal upBecome friends.
Pass awayDie.
Pass backReturn.
Pass byGo past without stopping.
Patch upFix or make things better.
Pay backRepay money borrowed.
Pay offProduce a profitable or successful result.
Peel awayLeave a group by moving in a different direction.
Peg outPut washing outside to dry.
Phase inIntroduce gradually.
Phase outRemove gradually.
Pick atEat unwillingly.
Pick upCollect.
Pig outEat a lot.
Pile upAccumulate.
Pin downDiscover exact details about something.
Pin onAttach the blame to someone.
Pin upFix something to a wall, or other vertical surface,
with a pin.
Pine awaySuffer physically because of grief, stress, worry, etc.
Pipe downBe quiet (often as an imperative).
Pipe upTo speak, raise your voice.
Play alongPretend to agree or accept something in order to
keep someone happy or to get more information.
Play aroundBe silly.
Play upBehave badly.
Plug inConnect machines to the electricity supply.
Plump downPut something in a place without taking care.
Plump forChoose.
Point outMake someone aware of something.
Poke aboutMove things around or search in a casual way to
try to find something.
Poke aroundMove things around or search in a casual way to
try to find something.
Polish offFinish, consume.
Polish upImprove something quickly.
Pop inVisit for a short time.
Pop offTalk loudly, complain.
Power upTurn a computer or electronic device on so that
it is ready to use.
Price upCharge more for something.
Pull aheadOvertake, move in front.
put something downput what you are holding on a surface or floor
put somebody downinsult, make somebody feel stupid
put something offpostpone
put something outextinguish
put something togetherassemble
put up with somebody/ somethingtolerate
put something onput clothing/ accessories on your body
run across meet or find by chance
run into somebody/ somethingmeet unexpectedly
run over somebody/ somethingdrive a vehicle over a person or thing
run over/ through somethingrehearse, review
run awayleave unexpectedly, escape
run outhave none left
send something backreturn (usually by mail)
set something uparrange, organize
set somebody uptrick, trap
shop aroundcompare prices
show offact extra special for people watching (usually boastfully)
sleep overstay somewhere for the night (informal)
sort something outorganize, resolve a problem
stick to somethingcontinue doing something, limit yourself to one particular thing
switch something offstop the energy flow, turn off
switch something onstart the energy flow, turn on
take after somebodyresemble a family member
take something apartpurposely break into pieces
take something backreturn an item
take offstart to fly
take something offremove something (usually clothing)
take something outremove from a place or thing
take somebody outpay for somebody to go somewhere with you
tear something uprip into pieces
think backremember (often + to, sometimes + on)
think something overconsider
throw something awaydispose of
turn something downdecrease the volume or strength (heat, light etc)
turn something downrefuse
turn something offstop the energy flow, switch off
turn something onstart the energy, switch on
turn something upincrease the volume or strength (heat, light etc)
turn upappear suddenly
try something onsample clothing
try something outtest
use something upfinish the supply
wake upstop sleeping
warm somebody/ something upincrease the temperature
warm upprepare body for exercise
wear offfade away
work outexercise
work outbe successful
work something outmake a calculation


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