Social networking services emerged as a significant online phenomenon in the 2000s. These services used software to facilitate online communities, where members with shared interests swapped files, photographs, videos, and music, sent messages and chatted, set up blogs and discussion groups, and shared opinions.

Available Social networking Services:

Facebook Allows to share text, photos, video etc. It also offers interesting online games.
Google+ It is pronounced as Google Plus. It is owned and operated by Google.
TwitterTwitter allows the user to send and reply messages in form of tweets. These tweets are the small messages, generally include 140+ characters.
LinkedinLinkedin is a business and professional networking site.
WhatsappIt is a mobile based messaging app. It allows to send text, video, and audio messages
InstagramA mobile photo sharing service and application available for the iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone platforms.
MySpaceOnce one of the most popular social networks and viewed website on the Internet
YoutubeAn excellent network of users posting video blogs or vlogs and other fun and exciting videos.

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