Lesson 1: Distinguish between place value and face value of a number

In this lesson, we are going to learn face value and place value of a particular digit in the given number.

Place value:

Place value of a digit in a number is the digit multiplied by thousand or hundred or whatever place it is situated.

Face value:

Face value of a digit in a number is the digit itself. Face value of a digit always remains same irrespective of the position where it is located.

For example,

In 43667, the place value of 3 is = 3 x 1000 = 3000

Here, to get the place value of 3, we multiply 3 by 1000.

Because 3 is at thousands place.

In 43667, the face value of 3 is 3.

Almost every CTET question paper has a question on place values and face values of a digit in a given numbers/s.

Sample Questions:

Question #1Sum of place values of 6 in 63606[Mathematics] [CTET-2012-01]
Options60606 correct answer
Question #2The sum of place values of 5 in 6251, 6521 and 5621 is[Mathematics] [CTET-2015-02]
5550 correct answer
Answer ExplanationPlace value of 5 in 6251 is 50
place value of 5 in 6521 is 500
and the place value of 5 in6 521 is 5000
and their sum is 5000 + 500 + 50 = 5550
Question #3The product of the place values of 5 and 6 in 70560 is[Mathematics] [CTET-2014-02]
30000 correct answer

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