Legislation in British India

Name of LegislationPurpose of LegislationDate of Enactment
Regulating Act of 1773To overhaul management of  East India Company’s rule in IndiaJune 10th, 1773
Pitt’s India Act of 1784This act provided for the joint rule of the crown and company with the crown being the supreme authority.August 13th, 1784
Charter Act of 1813It renewed the charter issued to East India Company by the British Crown but also ended the company’s monopoly in certain areas of trade.(Royal Assent) July 21st, 1813
Bengal Sati Regulation Act of 1829This act made the practice of Sati illegalDecember 4th, 1829
Hindu Widows Remarriage Act of 1856This act legalised the remarriage of widows.July 26th, 1856
Government of India Act of 1858Following the 1857 mutiny, the British Parliament passed this act to liquidate the East India Company. The colonial rule of India came directly under the control of the British Government. This act marks the beginning of the British Raj.August 2nd, 1858 (Commenced, 1st November 1858)
Indian Councils Act of 1892This act bought various amendments to the composition and function of legislative councils of British IndiaFebruary 3rd, 1893 (Royal Assent on June 20th, 1892)
Government of India Act of 1919This act expanded the participation of Indians in the government of India when earlier only British members were allowed to take part.December 23rd, 1919
Rowlatt Act, 1919This act indefinitely extended the emergency measures of preventive indefinite detention, incarceration without trial and judicial review enacted in the Defence of India Act 1915March 18th, 1919
Government of India Act of 1935The act allowed for a greater degree of autonomy to the provinces of British India ending the diarchy introduced by the Government of India Act, 1919April 1st, 1937 (Royal assent on 24th July 1935)
Industrial Disputes Act, 1947Regulates the Indian Labour Law with regards to trade unions as well as individual workmenApril 1st, 1947
Indian Independence Act, 1947Partitioned British India into the two new independent dominions of India and Pakistan.August 15, 1947 (Royal assent – July 18th, 1947 

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