Delhi Sultanate was established in Northern India under Qutb-ud-din Aibak, who founded the Delhi Sultanate in 1206 under the Mamluk dynasty.

Here are various departments and their function.

Central DepartmentFunction
Diwan-i-RisalatDepartment of appeals
Diwan-i-arzDepartment of Military
Diwan-i-IshtiaqDepartment of pensions
Diwan-i-MustakhrajDepartment of arrears
Diwan-i-kohiDepartment of agriculture
Diwan-i-inshaDepartment of correspondence
Diwan-i-BandaganDepartment of slaves
Diwan-i-Qaza-i-MamalikDepartment of justice
Diwan-i-KhairatDepartment of charity

Officers and their duties.

OfficerDuty performed by the officer
WazirWazir was the Chief Minister and in charge of revenue and finances.
Ariz-i-MumalikHead of military department
QaziThe Legal Officer- dispensing Sharia law
Wakil-i-darController of Royal household
Barid-i-MumalikHead of state news agency
Amir-i-majlisOfficer in charge of Royal feasts & festivals
Majlis-i-amCouncil of friends and officers consulted on important affairs of the state
Dahir-i-mumalikHead of Royal correspondence
Naib wazirDeputy Minister
Mushrif-i-mumalikAccountant general
Amir-i-hazibOfficer in charge of the Royal court
Sadr-us-sudurDealt with religious matters and endowments
Sadr-i-jahanOfficers in charge of religious matters and endowments
Amir-i-dadPublic prosecutor
Shahna-i-pilSuperintendent of Royal Elephants
Amir-i-bahrOfficer in charge of police & transport naval port
Qazi-i-mumalikChief Justice
Qazi-ul-kazatHead of chief judicial department
Amir-i-AkhurOfficer commanding Royal Horses

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