Preparing for any competitive exam specially OSSTET can be very stressful and time consuming given that only a small percentage of candidates are able to clear it. You must know tips and tricks to prepare for these exams with confidence and ease.

This article presents some great advice to help you prepare confidently and effectively for your exam, including outlining some useful study techniques you can try.

Understand the Exam Pattern:

OSSTET is conducted for two categories. Category I (Paper I) is for Education Teachers (Arts, Science, Sanskrit, Telgu, Urdu & Hindi) and Category II (Paper II) is for Physical Education teachers.

Overall the each OSSTET paper has 150 questions which are divided into four sections namely Odia Language, English Language, Stream Specific Subjects and Child Development, Pedagogy, school Management & Evaluation.

SectionStreamSubject# of QMarks
History & Pol Sc.
Geography & Economics
IIIPhysical Education
Contents of C.P Ed. Course 6060
IVCommonChild Development, Pedagogy, school Management & Evaluation 5050
  • 1/3rd of questions (50) are from Child Development/Pedagogy section so preparing this subject well is very important for good score.
  • For TGT Arts, Odia and English language play crucial role as 70 questions are from these 2 subjects.

Know the Syllabus:

  • Before you kick start your preparation, make sure you are well versed with the detailed syllabus for that exam.
  • Identify new/complex topics for you and ensure that you give enough time to them to prepare.
  • Review syllabus with previous year’s paper to identify pattern, this give you insights on which topics are frequently asked, topic wise number of questions asked.
  • For the language subjects, you need to prepare and practice for unseen passage type questions which is the most important for scoring high.

Find your strength and weakness:

  • Know where you stand: Give couple of previous year papers to see which all topics are your strength and where you need to prepare more.

Preparation strategy:

  • You need to read all the subjects from class 6th to 12th to clear your basics.
  • Take Notes or find good notes: Good notes can make all the difference when you’re studying. They can explain content that the book doesn’t explain well or highlight information and make it easier to understand and remember. It will help you revise the syllabus in quick time.
  • Start making flashcards for the information that you are having trouble remembering or grasping.
  • Whenever you complete a topic, make sure to attempt few topic/concept wise questions and then take a break. If you keep getting certain questions wrong, review your notes and textbook again to see if there is something you’re not understanding.
  • Create a cheat sheet for all the formulas and small tricks which are important for mathematics section.
  • Study Group: Form study group of friends preparing for exam. You can simply review each other’s notes to see what you may have missed, and discuss concepts you think will be important for the test.
  • Use Technology (Whatspp/Telegram) to quiz each other. Ask each other potential exam questions.

Practice, Practice & Practice:

  • Make sure to attempt all available previous year’s question paper.
  • Question Bank: Subscribe to a good question bank / Test Series. Regularly attempt subject wise and full mock test to evaluate your preparation and course correction.

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