Your digestive system, one of the largest organ systems in your body, proves essential for survival. Your digestive organs help you derive energy from food, allow your body to absorb essential nutrients and help eliminate waste products that would otherwise harm your health.

Once you take your vitamin and it’s broken down in your stomach, and then sent to the small intestine, where it is absorbed.

Here is a small quiz to test your knowledge.

1.Beri-beri is caused by the deficiency of __

  • a) Vitamin B5
  • b) Vitamin B12
  • c) Vitamin C
  • d) Vitamin B1

2.Vitamin necessary for blood clotting is__

  • a) Vitamin A
  • b) Vitamin K
  • c) Vitamin B
  • d) Vitamin D

3.Vitamin required for normal vision is__

  • a) Vitamin C
  • b) Vitamin B1
  • c) Vitamin B12
  • d) Vitamin A

4.Deficiency of vitamin E produces__

  • a) Rickets
  • b) Failure of clotting
  • c) Scurvy
  • d) Sterility and muscular dystrophy

5.Amylase is an enzyme for which the substrate is__

  • a) Starch
  • b) Proteins
  • c) Fats
  • d) Cane sugar

6.In man gall bladder is situated in__

  • a) Left central lobe of liver
  • b) Caudate lobe
  • c) Right lobe of liver
  • d) Quadrate lobe

7.The human intestine is long because__

  • a) Bacteria in food can be killed gradually
  • b) It provides more space for food storage
  • c) It increases surface area for food absorption
  • d) None of these

8.Lactose is composed of __

  • a) Glucose + galactose
  • b) Glucose + glucose
  • c) Glucose + fructose
  • d) Fructose + galactose

9.Which  of the following is a protein deficiency disease?

  • a) Cirrhosis
  • b) Night blindness
  • c) Eczema
  • d) Kwashiorkor

10.Which one of  the following vitamin can be synthesized by bacteria inside gut?

  • a) Vitamin B
  • b) Vitamin C
  • c) Vitamin D
  • d) Vitamin K

11.Digestion of proteins is necessary because__

  • a) Proteins are not absorbed as such
  • b) Proteins are large molecules
  • c) Proteins have complex structure
  • d) Proteins are made up of amino acids

12. Highest B.M.R. occur in __

  • a) Elephant
  • b) Rabbit
  • c) Human
  • d) Whale

13.Mumps is a viral infection of__

  • a) Liver
  • b) Tonsil
  • c) Pancreas
  • d) Parotid gland

14.Which is the vomiting centre in brain?

  • a) Cerebral hemisphere
  • b) Medulla oblongata
  • c) Temporal lobe
  • d) Parietal lobe

15. Salivary glands are absent in__

  • a) Cow
  • b) Buffalo
  • c) Whales
  • d) Humans


  1.  d.
  2.  b.
  3.  d.
  4.  d.
  5.  a.
  6.  c.
  7.  c.
  8.  a.
  9.  d.
  10.  a.
  11.  a.
  12.  b.
  13.  d.
  14.  b.
  15.  b.

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