1. Plant Diversity and Conservation 04 Marks

Nomenclature and classification of plant kingdom,plant divisions-Thallophyta, Bryophyte, Pteridophyta, Gymnosperms and Angiosperms, their habitat and complexity in their structural organization. Endangered plant species and their conservation measure.

2. Tissue System – 03 Marks

Meristematic and permanent tissues: their types, organization and functions.Tissue System: Epidermal, ground and vascular tissue system, internal structure of dicot and monocot stems and roots secondary growth in plants.

3. Photosynthesis- 03 Marks

Structure and photosynthetic pigments, Light reaction: light absorption, electron transport and photophosphorylation, Dark reaction-CO2fixation by C3, C4and CAM plants, photorespiration.

4. Growth Regulators in Plants- 02 Marks

Auxins, Gibberllins, Cytokinins, Ethyleneand Abscissic acid, their role in plant growth regulation.

5. Reproduction in plants – 04 Marks

  • Vegetative reproduction: Fission, budding and cutting(grafting) and propagation in angiosperms.
  • A sexual Reproduction: Sporulation, Comidia formation and other special structure formation.
  • Sexual Reproduction: Isogamy, Angiogamy and Oogamy, double fertilization and triple fusion in angiosperms.
  • Parthenogenesis: Tissue culture and micropropagation

6. Mendelism – 02 Marks

  • Mendelian factors, Monohybrid cross and principles of dominance and segregation.
  • Dihybridcross: Laws of independent assortment.
  • Deviations from Mendelian principles

7. Plant Diseases and Control Measures – 02 Marks

Casual Organisms, symptoms, life cycle and control measures of following diseases: Late blight of potato, powdery mildew, Rust and Smut of Wheat, Leaf Sport and blast disease of rice.

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