1. Set Theory and its Application – 01 mark

Union intersection, difference complement, power set, number of elements in union and inter-section of finite sets.

2. Relations and Functions – 02 marks

Reflexive, Symmetric, transitive and equivalence relations, injective, subjective and objective functions, inverse of a function.

3.Number System- 01 mark

Natural numbers, integers, rational numbers, irrational number, real number, absolute values of numbers, triangle inequality.

4.Quadratic & Linear Equations – 02 marks

Fundamental theorem of Algebra, roots, discriminates, nature the roots, relation between the roots and coefficients.

5.Calculus of One Variable – 02 marks

Limit, continuity, derivative, tangent, normal, increasing and decreasing functions.

6.Sequence and Series – 02 marks

Arithmetic and Geometric progressions, monotonic sequence, exponential series, logarithmic series,Taylor’s series, Maclaurin’s series.

7.Coordinate geometry – 02 marks

Distance formula, section formula, area of a triangle, locus and its equation, straight line, circle, conic section.

8.Analytical Solid Geometry – 01 mark

Plane, straight line, Sphere

9.Probability – 01 mark

Trial, Sample point, Sample Space, Event, Addition Theorem, Binomial Distribution.

10.Statistics- 01 mark

Introduction to Statistics etc…

11.Trigonometry- 02 marks

Angles associated with 90, 180, 270,360 compounded angle formula, sub-multiple angle formula, Trigonometry Equations, Inverse trigonometric functions, Heightand Distance.

12.Mensuration – 03 marks

Circumference of a circle, length of the arc of a circle, area of a circle, sector and segment, area of a circle annulus, area of a sectional region, area of segment, surface area and volume of a prism, right circular cylinder, cone and sphere.

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