1. Taxonomy – 01 Mark

Five kingdom classification, Characteristics and Examples of each animal phylum (in case of phylum Chordate up to Classes)

2. Cytology – 02 Marks

Cell structure and cell division (mitosis and meiosis), DNA and RNA

3. Genetics – 02 Marks

Linkage,Crossing over, Mutation, Chromosomal aberration and chromosomal mechanism of sex determination

4. Evolution – 02 Marks

Darwinism, Modern Synthetic theory of evolution ( variation, selection and isolation)

5. Ecology – 02 Marks

Eco-system, Food Chain and Food Web, Energy Flow, Ecological Pyramids, Renewable and Non-renewable energy resources, Biodiversity (meaning and conservation), Causes, Effects and Control of Air pollution.

6. Nutrition – 01 Mark

Types of food and types of nutrition,

7. Respiration – 02 Marks

Types of respiration (aerobic and anaerobic) Glycolysis and Krebs Cycle

8. Circulation – 02 Marks

Blood (Composition and function) in man, structure and working of human heart

9. Excretion – 02 Marks

Humankidney (structural details), mechanism of urine formation

10. Control and Coordination- 02 Marks

Structure of neuron, synaptic transmission, structure of human brain and function of its different parts, names of endocrine glands and secreted hormones with their specific functions

11. Reproduction and Development 02 Marks

Structure of garuda (ovary and testes) and gamotes in man, Fertilization. Types of clearage.

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