Ghari was tax on Houses. It was introduced by Allauddin Khilji.

Charah was tax on Grass lands used for grazing of animals.It was also introduced by Allauddin Khilji.

Kharaz was tax levied on gross production of lands belonged to non – Muslims.It was introduced by Firoz Shah Tughlaq.

Ushraf was tax levied on gross production of lands belonged to Muslims.

Zakat was religious tax levied on Muslims. This was kept in the special treasury of Diwan-i-Rasalat headed by Dabir-i-Mulk.

Jizya was tax levied on non Muslims and non followers of Islam.

Khoms was 1/7th of production from mines.

Sharab or Shart
Sharab or Shart was 1/10th of crop production levied on farmers to develop and maintain water supply facilities. It was introduced by Firuz Tughlaq.

Tax (Revenue)
In the Vijayanagara Empire, the Government department responsible collecting the land revenue is called as Athanave. The Vijaya-nagara emperors collected the taxes based on the soil fertility of lands. Ta on production is 1/6 of the gross production. It was paid either in the form of crop or Money. Heavy taxes were levied on prostitution.

Zarib was introduced by Murshid Quli Khan based on the unit bhiga It was collected as one quarter of the crop production. It was paid in any form.

Chaut and Sardeshmukhi
Shivaji collected these taxes outside of his territory. Chaut was ¼ of the government revenue paid by Mughal Officers. In addition to this Sardeshmuki was another ten percent tax.


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