Interviews are the most enjoyable form of interaction which happens between employers and job seekers. Gone are the days when face 2 face was the only mechanism that existed for interviews, now in a technological world the telephonic interviews are gaining preference as it allows flexibility and mobility and can rule over paucity of time. But the most important thing which keeps on bothering about interviews is the answers to the questions posed during it. There is no specific formula which has an answer to all the questions but definitely there are some thumb rules which can actually translate as the ten commandants which allow greater chance of success!!

  • Be Honest, never lie, and be aware that you cannot establish a foundation on falsehood, be correct to say I had not encountered it, or I don’t know. 95% of respondents (picked from interview panelists) to a survey conducted prefer honest answers.
  • Be open and Receptive, Interviews are a great opportunity to receive feedback about yourself, so keep your listening antenna up to receive positive and as well healthy constructive criticisms about you/your work.
  • Face is up Smilingly, Smile is also reflected in the voice. Enjoy your interview the interview panel/interviewer are/is gifting a slice of their time exclusively to you; make the best use of it.
  • Never be afraid to give your views if asked for, you can always take shelter under words like my perception, according to me. As you never know the employers are interested to know your view point in order to evaluate you better.
  • Depend on your knowledge but always show an eagerness to learn. Employers are genuinely interested in the candidate who shows an inclination to pick up things.
  • Dress up appropriately, it also shows in the voice. Colors denote your mood, choose it carefully so that you carry on the cheer and spread your light.
  • Always cast the reference to your work, its important that your work should be able to describe you rather pulling the ranks by quoting the name of individual.
  • Speak clearly at an audible pace and frequency, don’t refrain from using pauses to think and articulate. Remember your voice carries your expression also.
  • Avoid saying anything negative about your ex-employers/co-workers; this casts a negative impression about the candidature.
  • Demonstrate that your will fit in the bill and the value add you will bring on the table, let the employers feel they are hiring an asset

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