Let us understand different types of test items.

Extended- Response Type of Item:

  • In the extended–response type of items, the students are given sufficient freedom in responding to the items.
  • Such type of items permit students to decide which facts they think are most pertinent and to select their own style of organization
  • It also helps the teacher in evaluating complex skills like organization of ideas, analytical skill along with understanding of concepts and principles.

Restricted Response Type Items:

  • When we put any restriction on an essay item, such that the response to is controlled or become brief, the item generated is a restricted response item.
  • Though there are freedoms for the students to express themselves, the responses are restricted.
  • Such restrictive types of items are useful in managing time, and more objectively scoring of the responses.

Objective Type Items:

  • These types of items are normally used in most of the tests. The answers to such items are definite and unique and hence can be scored objectively.
  • Because such an item can be scored objectively (not influenced by any subjective personal criteria of the respondent or examiners), it is called an objective item.
  • In objective type of item, there is a chance of guessing. The students may guess the answer from the given options.
  • Different objective types of item: (a) Short answer type (b) Completion type (c) True-false or alternate response items

Open ended Items:

  • Open ended item can have a large number of correct answers or sometimes no limited number of correct answers.
  • Open ended items as a tool expects understanding of the problem by the student. It helps in measuring the understanding of the student. It also promotes divergent thinking (encouraging more number of solutions to one problem).
  • Open ended items eliminate the effects of rote learning.

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