The laws of exponents are explained here along with their examples.

If ‘x’ is a non-zero integer or a non-zero rational number.

Product RuleKeep base, + exponents
(xa) (xb) = x(a+b)
Quotient ruleKeep base, – exponents
(xa) ÷ (xb) = x(a-b)
Power of a powerKeep base, x exponents
(xa)b = x(ab)
Power of a productDistribute exponents
(xyz)a = xayaza
Power of a quotientDistribute exponents
(x / y)a = xa /ya
Zero exponentAny base with exponent 0 is equal to 1
(x)0 = 1
Negative exponentNegative exponent can be rewritten with its reciprocal
(x)-a = 1 / xa

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