Resume is the instrumental tool as it allows the first level of interaction between the job seeker and employer. It’s the first level of interaction and hence it should be able to cast a reasonably realistically dignified and ideally synchronised image of the profile.

Resume drafting is an art and should always be left to expert (link of our expert resume writing service) as it should be such that it invokes an increased level of anxiety in employers to meet the potential candidate in person. It should be able to create a moment of magic as the initial go/no-go decision with the profile is generally based on the resume itself. The tips and techniques to enhance the resume are numerous and they differ according to the taste and professional demand of an industry, below mentioned are a few which are generic and overall applies to majority.

  • Focus on what you have done rather than what role/position you held in the various organisations
    @ As the employers are more interested in knowing what was your
    contribution rather than what designation you carried, also it allows the employers to understand the mapping pertaining to vacancy.
  • Create an interesting profile
    @ Employers generally scan through tons and tons of resume everyday, So the candidate should be able to draw the attention of employers of keeping the resume interesting enough, thus facilitating a complete read, which can enable to further focus on the capabilities and the accomplishments of the candidature.
  • Play your strengths
    @ Your resume should highlight your strengths and you should be able to let the employers know your weaknesses also which in turn should be a potential strengths rather than pure weaknesses. It should be generic but should be definitely linked to the job profile.
  • Bring out the specifics
    @ Resume should definitely bring out the specifics related to your profession. Putting generic and motherhood statements does not suffice here, it should rather endorse your accomplishments and achievements. This is a very important part of your resume and you should be able to articulate or rather emphasize feathers in your cap.
  • Dimensions !!
    @ Resume should be like a bikini, long enough to cover what’s vital and still short to keep up the interest. Rather than focusing on the length, its significant to increase the breadth and depth in the resume. It should be able to convey maximum in the minimum of words, hence choice of words also play an important role. Its always better to you a single word which can encapsulate the entire essence rather than using long sentences.
  • Improvise
    @ As they say ‘There is always a room for improvement’, so resume should contain the improvements which candidate had implemented in the due course of the professional careers, these may not had been executed by him/herself but definitely had been triggered by self. Apart from this its of extreme importance to bring out the benefits reaped out of the improvements. Its not like selling but certainly creates an impression about the experimenting/risk taking ability of the profile and the dedication of bringing the concept to commissioning of ideas.
  • Reflect the capabilities
    @ As they say ‘Past is Dead’, and the hiring is for the future. So resume
    should positively bring out the capabilities of the profile along with the core competencies. The magic is to bring out the perfect blend of what had been done (through competence) and what more needs to be done (through capabilities). Resume should be able to demonstrate the fire inside the belly of the candidature and his/her urge to do more.
  • Money Honey !
    @ Resume should be silent about the remuneration, its not a recommended practise to put a price tag to profile. The pit fall of putting an expected salary is that you never know whether you are demanding too much or too less. It’s a personal subject to be discussed during face to face and that to if prompted or asked for directly.

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